Nonprofit Track

Empowering nonprofit professionals with the expertise and tools to write compelling grant proposals and conduct impactful program evaluations through our specialized workshops, enabling them to secure vital funding and demonstrate the effectiveness of their initiatives.

Funding the Vision through          Grant-writing

Learn essential skills to write persuasive grant proposals. Gain insights into identifying funding opportunities, crafting compelling narratives, and maximizing your chances of securing grants. Let us empower your organization to make a lasting impact by shifting the vision into reality.

Program Evaluation

Evaluation Catalyst: Unleashing the Power of Data for Program Success

Gain the skills necessary to effectively evaluate and measure program success. Learn how to design evaluation frameworks, collect meaningful data, and translate findings into actionable insights. Accelerate your organization's impact and make data-driven decisions.

Managing Grants

Grant Navigator: Grants Management for Sustainable Impact

Master the art of managing grants. Learn best practices for budgeting, reporting, compliance, and communicating with funders. Gain the skills to streamline processes, maximize funding utilization, and ensure long-term success. Enhance your grants management expertise. 
Youth Development & College Access Professional Track

Unlock the potential of youth development programs with our specialized workshops designed to equip professionals with innovative strategies and best practices, empowering them to create transformative experiences and make a lasting impact on the lives of young people.


Transforming Young Lives through Successful Grant Proposals

 Designed exclusively for youth development professionals, join this workshop to master the art of persuasive grant proposals. Learn to identify funding opportunities, craft compelling narratives, and secure vital resources for transforming young lives. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your grantwriting skills and drive positive change. 
Program Evaluation

Enhancing Programs through Effective Evaluation

Master the art of program evaluation by learning to design evaluation frameworks, collect meaningful data, and leverage insights to enhance program outcomes and demonstrate impact. Empower your organization to make data-driven decisions and drive positive change.

College Access Professional

College Access Professional Unveiled: Unlocking the Path to Higher Education

Explore the essential roles and responsibilities of a college access professional. Gain insights into best practices, strategies, and resources to guide students in their journey to higher education. Expand your knowledge and make a meaningful impact on students' lives.  

About the Lead Trainer
A catalyst for shifting vision into reality
Teresa Thompson-Pinckney is CEO of T. Pinckney & Associates, LLC. and is an experienced organizational consultant, leadership coach, and professional trainer with an extensive background in grant management, grant evaluation, and grant writing.  She recently retired as an administrator in higher education, overseeing college access, student success, and enrollment management. Click the link below to book a customized training for your team.

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